Welcome to the Claudia Foundation!

The Claudia Foundation is a unique organization whose purpose is to promote positive change in the lives of individuals, especially women. Its mission is to educate, equip and enrich. In particular, it offers challenging opportunities and resources for individuals to explore their personal goals and educational possibilities through personal interaction, scholarships, academic experiences, the arts and a close community.

Founded in 1989 and funded by Poplar Bluff native, Linda Bloodworth Thomason, writer, director and producer. It was named in honor of her late mother, Claudia Bloodworth.  The Foundation is headquartered in the Claudia House — the home of LBT’s paternal grandparents, Judge C.T. Bloodworth and his wife, Effie.

The Claudia Foundation has two main goals:

  1. We want to export the unique Charlie Classics Reading Program from Poplar Bluff to the entire nation. It’s important that we bond students and citizens of communities together as they pursue knowledge and understanding of classic literature.
  2. We want to make even greater use of the wonderful asset we have in The Claudia House. We will strive to increase educational, social, and cultural enrichment in our Poplar Bluff community through use of this historic house. It serves as a place for ALL of our community to gather.

The Claudia House.  A place for celebrations, weddings, town meetings, corporate gatherings, birthdays and even funerals.  A place where good things happen.  A place where memories are made.  A place that is home….